An ad & algorithm-free social media
membership platform.

All the good parts of social media, without the bad.

Clikit can replace Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tiktok.
No more shorts, stories or reels. Create posts to connect with your followers.

Post & Thrive.

Connect with people without the noise and clutter.

We enjoy learning, laughing, and sharing. Share your story and grow your network. Easy as that.

* Direct Messaging feature only available with certain memberships.

Clikit was created by content creators
for content creators.

TikTok is just QVC online.
Instagram has ads every fourth post.
YouTube is full of obnoxious people.
Facebook is a toxic cesspool.
You deserve better.

Let's make good content. Together.

In the ever-changing social media landscape, content creators often find themselves amidst a whirlwind of algorithms that seemingly hinder their ability to grow their audience.

The elusive nature of these algorithms can make it challenging for creators to reach their intended audience and gain the recognition they deserve.

However, amidst this turmoil, Clikit emerges as a beacon of hope for content creators. By leveraging its innovative approach and cutting-edge technology, Clikit empowers creators to break through the barriers imposed by algorithms.

Through its user-friendly platform, Clikit provides content creators with valuable insights, personalized strategies, and actionable tips to optimize their content for maximum visibility.

By understanding the annoyances of social media algorithms and tailoring content accordingly, Clikit goes algorithm-free and equips creators with the tools they need to build and engage a loyal audience, fostering genuine connections and enabling them to thrive in the competitive digital landscape.

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